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Sunset trip

Leisurely and romantic canoeing on Emajõgi.

We will canoe under the guidance of an experienced guide and as a single group up the river to Kvissentali, then turn around, and head back to Tartu, enjoying the beautiful nature of outskirts. The trip is planned to end at the sunset.

You don’t need to have any special skills or previous canoe-experience to take part of our trip. It’s a romantic adventure to take your special one.

We have steady camping canoes with wide bottoms, which makes them hard to tip over, and besides the waters of Emajõgi are rather calm and slow. There’s no rapids or any other obstacles on our way.

The whole experience takes about 2 hours.

The prices for a private canoe trip for your group are as follows:
• 1-2 persons = 80 €
• 3-4 persons = 110 €
• 5 + persons = 25 €/person

When joining our scheduled trip the price is 25 € per person.
P. S. Child under 12 under the supervision of two adults can participate for free (on the middle seat of three-seat canoe).

Price includes:
– A seat in the canoe
– Necessary equipment (a paddle and a life-jacket)
– The briefing before trip
– Trip guide’s service if needed


– The water is wet and sober mind is essential for safety. If you are drunk you stay on the shore.
– Dress according to the weather. Don’t forget that besides clothes you have to wear also a life-jacket we provide you.
– Pack your cellphone and/ or other electronic devices in waterproof bag.
– Please, leave your preschool children and pets at home.


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