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Canoe trip on the outskirts of Tartu

Canoeing on the outskirts of Tartu is a convenient way to get away from the city for couple of hours to enjoy the greenery and calmly flowing river Emajõgi.

The start and end of the canoe tour is only a quarter of an hour’s walk from the Tartu town hall, although formally the route fits within the city limits of Tartu, it is still a nature trip rather than a city tour.

The route runs upstream to village Kvissentali and then heads back to Tartu. This canoe ride is also suitable for complete beginners, the river is calm in the Tartu area and no special preparations or skills are needed to participate this trip.

The trip lasts about 2 hours, the length of the route is about 6 km, this tour takes place during the daytime.


When ordering a private canoe trip for your group:

  • 1-2 people = 70 € in total
  • 3-4 people = 100 € in total
  • 5+ people = 20 €/participant

When joining a public scheduled trip, the price is €20/person.

NB! A child up the age of 12 years old who is accompanied by two adults can join the trip for free (on the middle seat of the canoe).

Price includes:

  • seating place in a canoe
  • necessary equipment (paddle and PFD)
  • pre-ride briefing
  • if you wish, our instructor will accompany the group


  • You must be sober to participate the trip.
  • Choose clothing suitable for the weather. Please note that in addition to your clothes, you must also wear the life jacket provided by us.


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