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Beaver safari on canoes

An evening canoe trip to see the beavers bustling on the shores and in the calm waters of river Emajõgi right on the outskirts of Tartu.

The trip takes place in a small group, led by an experienced instructor.

Best time to observe beavers is in May and June.

Joining in does not require any special canoeing skills or great strength. It is suitable even for first-timers. The group will go through instructions about canoeing and beaver-watching before going on the water.

Our canoes are steady and river Emajõgi flows rather calm and slow. So there’s no need to worry about tipping over.

The adventure lasts about 2-3 hours and is about 6 kilometres long.


The prices for a private Beaver safari for your group are as follows:
• 1-2 persons = 100€ total
• 3+ persons = 35 € per person

Joining our public Beaver safari canoe trip is 35 € per person.

NB! Beavers are afraid of the crowds so we do this kind of trips only in a small group (maximum is 9 people).


  • Seat in a canoe
  • Necessary equipment (a paddle and a life-jacket)
  • Briefing before the trip
  • Instructors services during the trip


  • If you have to drink alcohol then you stay on the shore.
  • Consider that the goal of this trip is beavers-watching, therefore it is necessary to follow the instructor, otherwise you ruin the experience for the entire group.
  • Do not use strong scents (perfumes, mosquito repellents) before the trip.
  • Bring warm clothes. You may have to stay still for a longer period of time to see beavers, and the evenings may get chilly. Don’t forget that besides clothes you also have to wear a life-jacket we provide you.
  • This trip is not suitable for small children or pets.


Via e-mail: info@joematkad.ee
Or by phone: (+372) 55 69 69 70

Estonian national television nature and wildlife show Osoon watching beavers on river Emajõgi with us.